[Piston Rods]

Welcome to the H+B portfolio since August 2023, THE PISTON ROD

The piston rod is part of a cylinder. It guides the piston in a cylinder, i.e. supports movements in machines, commercial vehicles, in the automotive sector, etc. The piston rod is surface-coated with a chromium or chromium/nickel layer for better resistance (used mostly in an oxidative environment or in tougher outdoor applications such as construction machinery). The piston rod also serves as a sealing surface between the power operated (pressure) area of ​​the cylinder and the outside environment. The area of ​​application is the area in which the movements of machine parts are power-assisted.

The medium that moves the piston is usually hydraulic oil, in pneumatic cylinders compressed air or a mixture of inert gases.

Another area of ​​application for piston rods are linear guides, in which a carriage is moved linearly (on a longitudinal axis), e.g. in machine tools.


Round (16–130mm)


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