[Quality and engineering steel]

Special quality: Quality and engineering steel from H+B

These steel types are particularly important for innovative machine and plant construction. They are also used in the automotive area and in aircraft construction and satisfy the extremely high demands within these areas.

Quality and engineering steels are available both in hot-rolled and in bright versions such as drawn, peeled and ground.

Storage and delivery Programme

Case-hardened steel

Hard case, soft core: our case-hardened steels. These are ideal for shafts, sprockets, gearbox components, joints and wherever high wear resistance is important with good toughness.

Round (20–410mm)

Nitriding steel

This particular form of Q&T steel forms very hard nitrides in the outer layer as a result of the elements Chromium (Cr), Molybdenum (Mo) or Aluminum (Al) through targeted enrichment with nitrogen. This results in very hard, wear-resistant surfaces with a low friction coefficient and increased corrosion resistance.

Round (20–320mm)

Q&T steel

Ideal for applications where the right mix of hardness, strength and toughness is needed. At the same time, Q&T steel is also the right choice for high mechanical loads. Both annealed and tempered versions available for you.

Round (20–400mm)

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