[Non-alloyed steel]

For broad use in the most important industrial sectors – our non-alloyed steels

For lower technical requirements, non-alloyed or low alloyed steel is used in machine building and steel construction. Ask us for more information about the various technical material properties. We will be glad to assist you in selecting the suitable steel grade for your project.

Non-alloyed steels are available in rolled, drawn, peeled as well as ground versions.

Storage and delivery Programme

Free-cutting steels

The perfect choice for your machining production processes such as turning and drilling. Through the targeted use of alloy elements such as sulfur, phosphorous or lead, these materials are perfect for a reliable and stable machining process. Leaded or lead-free – we have the ideal material for your application.

Round (3–150mm) Rectangular (4–120mm) Hexagonal (10–75mm) Flat (6x 3mm–400x 30mm)

Angle steel

Profile steel in rectangular form. In S235JRT+C quality according to EN 10277-2/DIN 59370 sharp-edged.

Sharp-edged (12x 12x 2mm–100x 100x 10mm)

Wedge steel DIN 6880

Wedge steel is characterized in particular by its mechanical properties and good dimensional tolerance. We have the most common wedge steel materials in C45 +C quality.

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