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We insist on quality in every corporate division. Ranging from the products and services we offer all the way to our employees and management. Among other things, we guarantee this by way of our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and the constant optimization of all our processes – from distribution to storage and processing. The results are efficient processes and high delivery loyalty – thereby directly benefiting our customers.

Service declarations for goods with S355-CE labels

With the service declaration, the manufacturer assumes the responsibility for compliance of the construction product with the declared service in respect of its material features.

Product range 

Take a look at our extensive materials portfolio.

Product range 

Take a look at our extensive materials portfolio.

Weight calculator

Here you can enter the parameters for your material. A quick and practical tool for your daily work.



Quantity in metres
Dimension 1 in mm
Dimension 2 in mm

Round1542.50 kg
Flat392.50 kg
Hexagonal1704.46 kg
Round530.62 kg
Flat135.02 kg
Hexagonal586.33 kg
Round1668.99 kg
Flat424.69 kg
Hexagonal1844.23 kg

*The calculator ist for your guidance, for exact details please contact our sales team.