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Well-placed for the future: [Our STEEL+ 2025 strategy]

Change as challenge

We are currently in the middle of a transformation, which will change our companies and markets sustainably. We are facing many changes – from demographic factors to climate change and digitalization. We have to adapt to this – as do our business partners.

Many new ideas and business models will be spreading that we want to be part of. We have to take the right measures in order to stay competitive as a company in this environment. As part of our STEEL+ 2025 strategy we are concentrating on the areas of action important to us, in order not only to deal with the challenges ahead of us, but also to see them as opportunities.


Along the complete supply chain, the steel industry will have to adapt to new directives relating to its CO2 footprint. We will adjust to these new market conditions in the service of our customers. For us, mobility and renewable energies are growth branches. 

Transformation (product and process innovations)

H+B has a strong supplier and customer structure. We will realign purchasing, sales and logistics to it. In distribution we use strong automation, among other things, of our processing services. We use innovative product developments in production.

ESteel (digitalization)

The digitalization of the distribution business offers us great opportunities. With the ESteel strategy we are able to optimize purchasing, sales and logistics.

Efficiency (efficiency increase)

The most important assets of H+B, even during and after the corona pandemic, remain flexibility, the perfect stock ratio and our reputation as a reliable quality partner. We are developing location synergies, and in the H+B Academy we use our materials and process competence to train our team.

Leadership (management, education, communication)

Our company values are defined and communicated with the program “US at H+B”. As a result of the new internal and external communication culture, H+B remains a modern and attractive employer even after 120 years of corporate history.

+ (The Plus)

Each strategy has to be open to new opportunities and risks, especially in times of large market fluctuations. We are implementing STEEL+ 2025 in 10 strategic initiatives. The + means that the board and management team are always open to reacting to newly arising opportunities.

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