Would you like to learn more about us? [With pleasure]

We believe, our customers should not only know who we are, but also what makes us special. This is where new customers and partners will learn the most important things about us at a glance.

Materials supply:
per year: 250,000 tonnes
per week: 5,000 tonnes
per day: 1,000 tonnes

We supply huge quantities of materials. You can see this in the numbers.

More than 45,000 tonnes

Our product portfolio is extremely broad – as our stock makes very clear. We store over 45,000 tonnes of materials – a large proportion of this in the latest high-bay warehouse with associated logistics concepts.

Machine park

Of course, to offer customers such an extensive range of processing services you need a large machine park. We use the different machine technologies, from machine saws, chipping machines, chamfering machines, to machines for additive production.

Sawed sections:
more than 17.5 million pieces per year

The cutting of steel and other materials is an important service that we carry out every day for many of our customers. With so much material handling, a lot is going on. 

Regular customers:
Approx. 5,000

As a family company we have customers that are also family companies and have known many of them for a very long time: We have had partnerships with 63% of our customers for more than 3 years.

50 of our own trucks 

As a distributor and logistics expert, we profit from a large fleet of 50 of our own trucks that are in daily use for our customers.


At a total of 12 locations we combine the different competences – from a focus on distribution to engineering and automation and to machining and additive production. This means we can support our customers at many places along the supply chain.


The heart of our business is the closeness to our customers. And that only happens through people. The number of our employees has constantly grown over the years – many of them are also the faces of the company due to their direct customer contact.

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