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Feel free to ask about more than just materials and services. About new ideas as well

Product developments for the future

Alongside materials and services, we work every day on new product developments. These are a logical consequence of all the materials know-how and pioneering production technologies we have built up within the Heine+Beisswenger Group.

3X3 NINE: next-level 9-speed gear hub

As the world turns to sustainable and future-oriented forms of mobility, bicycles will play an increasingly important role, and the bicycle market will continue to grow in the years ahead. With the 3X3 product brand, our primary goal for next-level bike tech is to promote fun, freedom, and autonomy—to make the bike experience of the future as simple and intuitive as possible.


Gear technology for e-bikes and bio bikes

In terms of e-bikes in particular, performance has so far been limited by the available gear shifting technology—but at the same time, e-bike motors are becoming more and more powerful.

As a technological innovator within the Heine + Beisswenger Group, H+B Hightech GmbH stands for pioneering solutions and the highest quality.

With our new gear technology, developed for e-bikes as well as bio bikes, we want to set new technological standards. We aim to satisfy the bicycle industry’s changing market requirements and establish new technological freedoms that will take fun and performance to a new level.

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Automotive components based on additive and machining production processes

Specialists at our H+B Hightech work for additive production. This erstwhile trend is no longer innovative, but instead has become a standard solution for many new challenges where conventional production reaches its limits. For here, design determines production, not the other way around. Complex, stable but lightweight structures can be manufactured with fewer resources using selective laser melting (SLM) in powder bed fusion. Ask our team at H+B Hightech whether your product could also benefit from additive production.

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Innovative facade systems for parametric, free-forming facades

H+B Hightech GmbH specializes in tailored, innovative and pioneering production technologies, especially in the area of machining and additive manufacturing.

At H+B Hightech GmbH we exclusively manufacture 3D-printed facade nodes for innovative facade systems. Together with our internally developed profile system, our innovative facade system can be adapted individually to architectonic challenges and specific situations on the construction site. The facade systems allow the construction of complicated, extravagant free-forming facade designs. They not only open up new design and planning possibilities, but also make the construction process significantly more efficient.

As an architect or structural engineer, does that sound attractive to you? Then get in touch with H+B Hightech and let’s talk about it.

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