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Active for environmental and climate protection.

Sustainability isn’t just a word at the Heine + Beisswenger Group. This is because, as a family company with a long tradition, we consider ourselves responsible for the environment and for future generations. This includes participating in the ECOfit program run by Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy Industry – and our ISO 50001:2011 energy management system, which was successfully certified for every Heine + Beisswenger Group location at the end of 2016.

By participating actively in the ECOfit program, the Heine + Beisswenger Group is involved in a number of activities that continuously reduce its impact on the environment. This has allowed us to formulate specific objectives such as reducing leftover waste. Together with our workforce we can then get more out of potential savings, while dealing sustainably with the environment and saving resources. Download ECOfit (PDF)

Heine + Beisswenger Fellbach DIN EN ISO 50001 Quacert Zertifikat

Certified energy management.

We have made it our aim to get to know more about the way we use energy and increase our energy efficiency as part of a continuous process of improvement. By introducing our ISO 50001:2011 energy management system we have ensured that we are able to analyse the Heine + Beisswenger Group’s energy consumption, set energy saving goals and draw up plans with which to achieve those goals. That is because reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency saves money and pays off for the environment.

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We have more than 25,000 products in our warehouse at any given time – steel and metals in a range of profiles, dimensions and qualities.

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