Antique Heine + Beisswenger Invoice

Tradition and innovation don’t contradict.
They’re the basis of our success.
For more than 118 years.

When Ferdinand Heine founded the company in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1901 he began to write a successful corporate story which has continued through each generation ever since. The Heine + Beisswenger Group works every day to delight its customers. This is its tradition and its founder’s intention. We offer more than 118 years of experience, coupled with excellently trained and motivated staff, the latest machinery and sophisticated logistics.

Antique Photo of Heine + Beisswenger Founder Ferdinand Heine in Fellbach (Stuttgart Metropolitan Area), Baden-Württemberg
Antique Company Photo in Front of Original Headquaters in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg

Heine + Beisswenger founded in Stuttgart

Company headquarters relocated to Fellbach

The cooperative venture Heine + Bleck GmbH is founded in Hermsdorf, 
new branch built in Trossingen

New branches built in Dieburg, Langenzenn and Elsendorf

Otto Prawitt GmbH & Co. KG acquired in Velbert and Plettenberg,
and the company invests in AC Steel a.s. in the Czech Republic

Bühler Stahl- und Metallservice GmbH & Co. KG acquired in Pforzheim

Rotec GmbH acquired in Hermaringen

Subsidiary Heine Steel B.V. founded in Deventer (NL)

Hahn + Keller Brennschneideservice GmbH acquired in Neuhausen a. d. F.

Subsidiary H+B Hightech GmbH founded in Adelmannsfelden

Warehouse and delivery range

We have more than 25,000 products in our warehouse at any given time – steel and metals in a range of profiles, dimensions and qualities.

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Map of Germany with Heine + Beisswenger Warehouse Locations


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